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Friday, August 26, 2016

Word is out!

The fairies that live in Tinker Nature Park have been discovered.  Located in a quiet park in Henrietta, New York, 20 to 30 fairy doors/houses along the trail have been abuzz with visitors lately. While they have been there for a couple of years, not many people have noticed.

Check them out in this video of the Tinker Park Fairy Trail.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beauty & the Beast

We were honored to display our fairy houses at the Florence Griswold Museum in Connecticut for the month of October.

It was in 2014 that we went away to visit Old Lyme and see the museum and surrounding area.  We were so inspired by the Wee Faerie Village and knew instantly that we wanted to be a part of this incredible exhibit. We got together our "portfolio" of work and contacted the museum to consider us as artists to participate and we're thrilled when we were accepted.  It took 8 months to complete our piece!  Most of these months were spent drawing and talking and dreaming and walking in the woods collecting materials.  However, there were many a night in the workshop and dining room table creating our contribution.

The theme was Whimsical Kingdoms and we had a chance to request what we wanted to do.  Our request included Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.  We got Beauty and the Beast and got right to work.  It was a celebration of fictions greatest princes and princesses in a new and imaginative way.  More than three-dozen faerie-scaled castles, towers, and palaces were installed on the Museum's campus all fashioned with an emphasis on natural materials.

Here are a ton of photos of our exhibit.

For those of you that know the story of the Beauty and the Beast you will recognize the Beasts Castle and Belle's cottage.  You will see Cogsworth, the clock, and Mrs. Potts the teapot, and Lumiere, the candelabra in the library bookshelf.  The rose along with Gaston's manly chair all had fairy elements.  It was over the top and incredible to make.  It came together just as we had envisioned and was enjoyed by more that 15,000 visitors - young and old!

This is the entire display under our assigned tree.

Friday, September 11, 2015

May the Force be with You!

It never gets old... what people put inside or near the Fairy Houses in Tinker Park.  Frequently we find money.  On any given day you can find stacks of pennies or even nickles, dimes and quarters.  Lately, there have been different colored pony beads.  Even the occasional fairy is placed into a house.  However, the best thing I have seen lately is Darth Vader.  He came to the park and visited a number of Fairy Houses.  I always wonder who brings these things, and when, exactly will Flat Stanley make an appearance!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

All Over the Web

We love the fact that people, young and old, unplug and go out into nature to enjoy the Fairy Houses!  However, we are impressed with how much we are on the world wide web!

Click on any of these links and see what people have found and read their reviews!

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Getting Ready For Cold Nights

A dear friend was walking through Tinker Park the other day and noticed a family adding tiny quilts to the Fairy Houses.  Clearly they were concerned about the cool autumn nights that have started to creep upon us.  I cannot tell you how this gesture just tickles me.  The magic of the Fairy Houses have not waned even though they are beginning to dull with the elements.  Hopefully this week the elves can come in and spruce them up and not only will the fairies be cozy and warm, but also living in glistening digs again.

Also, someone decorated this fairy door with a little heart.  Nice

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Magical Doorway in my own Kitchen

This is probably one of my favorite fairy doors.  Handcrafted, one of a kind, by my very talented husband, this is made from a horseshoe found on our property.  Living in a farm house that is nearly 200 years old, there have been some incredible finds over the years.  This one was magical from the start and now it sits in my kitchen and is a portal for the fairies. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fairy House 2015

The first floor dining room, with dinner set for six and a stove, sink and chandelier.

Second floor is the formal living room.  A sofa, two chairs and cozy fireplace complete the look.

Third floor is the master bedroom which includes two cradles for the twin fairies.

Fourth floor is for the boys.  Bunk beds, a deer skin rug and nifty mushroom shelf adorn.

This fairy door has an enchanting door that really opens.

The workshop where all the magic happens.

Silver Acorn Properties collects wonderful things from walks in the woods and along country roads.

Hanging all the flowers and milkweeds to dry next to last years fairy village.

An old TV with VCR to watch the "classics" while we work.

The small details like this tree stand to hold clothes and the fairy portraits.

The master bed is so divine I just wish I was three inches tall!

These boys have all different kinds of balls to play with, even a pokey one!

Fifth floor star gazing!

It's difficult to see the logs in the fire and the details on the sofa, but trust me this fairy family has it all.

Dinner is served.

The stove and sink in the dining room, along with teapot on a shelf.

The local screech owl's portrait.

The laundry line.

Five foot tall and on top of a two foot desk.

LED lights for evening.